Candidate for Denver Public Schools, Board of Education — District 1


My name is Scott Baldermann. I am a parent of two young DPS students, and I am running for Denver Public Schools District 1 School Board Director. I am seeking this position because I believe:

  • All Denver taxpayers deserve to have a budget that is transparent with more resources directed to the classroom. Last year, DPS paid $162 million dollars in interest payments on over $3 billion dollars of debt. The district needs to be more fiscally responsible.

  • We need to be more aware of our children's well-being. This includes age-appropriate school start times, controls around quantities of homework, excessive test-taking, more outside play-time and healthy eating.

  • All children deserve the right and the experience, should they choose, of walking to their neighborhood school, and know it’s a great school.

  • We need to introduce more Climate Change curriculum into our schools. And DPS should begin participating in Governor Polis' 2040 plan for protecting the environment for future generations.

This website is a way for teachers, parents, community organizers and citizens to learn about me. I am currently seeking the endorsements of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association and the Denver Community Education Coalition. I am a team player — if I don’t receive these endorsements, I will remove myself as a candidate. We need the right candidates on the Board so that ALL of Denver’s students receive an equitable, relevant, excellent public education.

From 2016-2018, I served as the PTA President at Lincoln Elementary School. I have witnessed how important a stable neighborhood school is to education and learning. All families should have an excellent neighborhood school as their first choice, should they wish to exercise it.

I have been a consistent advocate for our teachers during their recent ProComp negotiations. I have seen firsthand how important professional educators are for our students and how supporting teachers creates a stable learning environment for students. And I have seen the financial inefficiencies within DPS and I want to redirect those tax dollars into the classrooms and projects that directly benefit our students.

I will be a District 1 representative who is engaged and attends teacher meetings, PTA/PTO meetings and community meetings as well as Board meetings. Being your representative will be my full-time job. Please reach out to me at for more information. Thank you. I hope I will earn your support.

* From the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the year ended June 30, 2018

* From the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the year ended June 30, 2018

We wanted to thank you and Amy for all you do for our community and kiddos. Our community is a better place because of you and your involvement.

You are both so selfless in what you do and give back, you push us all to do the right thing. The example you guys are setting for your children and all others around you is something they will carry with them forever!
— Diana Huff, Lincoln Elementary Parent